Short Report 2017

New releases and recordings 2017:

„Dennoch Mensch“ (Nevertheless man), Bazon Brock's World-human explanatory model in the form of a three-phase lenticular card.
„Kunst und Leben (Spitzweg)”, the limited edition of “Timm Ulrichs: Die Druckgrafik” (Sprengel Museum, 2003) with the signed supplement “Carl Spitzweg, Der ewige Hochzeiter, um 1858/60”.
“AM ANFANG WAR DAS WORT AM.” (At the beginning was the word at.), the gold-colored screenprint of Timm Ulrichs' word creation from 1962 on black acrylic glass.
“The first sitting chair (after a long standing resting itself)”, Timm Ulrich's furniture object from 1970, the copies from 166 of 250.
“Two black sheep”, the latest object by Timm Ulrichs, a tableau with 48 sheep figures limited to 12 copies.
“Concrete poetry ’order/disorder, rose/eros, NATUR/UNRAT’”, Timm Ulrichs’ word poems from the early 1960s on beer coasters.
“Concrete Poetry”, the Australian counterpart of Richard Tipping’s beer coasters collection – “HEARTH/WOMAN/LOVEPOEM”.
“Young Artist” – a postcard box with 20 portraits of Angelika Platen from 1968 to 1972 as well as a limited collector's edition with baryt-prints in a photo-cassette.
“Apples and Oranges”, the MacBook Air miniature folding mirror with reference to Paul Cézanne's "Pommes et Oranges”.

P.S.: 25 years ago (1992) Irene Andessner's Schokoschuh “39 1/2 <27 °” appeared – the first art edition in which I was involved (three years before the founding of Artikel Editionen). P.F.

Peter Fabian