The Berlin art publishing house Artikel Editionen, established in 1995 by the journalist Peter Fabian, specialises in artist’s edition works. The spectrum ranges from readymades in the Duchamps sense via Eat Art editions to unique sculptural objects. So far 140 editions of 40  from 12 countries have been published. Editions are traded in museum shops, art bookshops, galleries and webshops.

Publisher Adress:
Artikel Editionen, Peter Fabian
Potsdamer Str. 73
D-10785 Berlin

Tel.       +49 700 52 000 000
Cell       +49 171 210 5200

DE 215760673

By the mentioned authors und Peter Fabian

English Translations:
Ilke Brückner-Klein, Anthony Hills

Product Photos (most of it):
Rainer Schmidt, 
Fotografen der Porträtfotos: angeführt 

Responsible for the content and Web-Design:
Peter Fabian (adress obove)

Web Programming:
Claudia Pritzkow,