"I can't see any more art!" – Buyer survey

Who buys this motif – and from which motifs?

In 1975, Timm Ulrichs walked over the Cologne Art Fair with blind people's glasses, a white cane, a yellow armband and the breast shield "I can't see any more art!“

In 1994, the enamel pin of the same name was published by Freiburg-based Artium Verlag, edited by Michael Klant, then by Sternwald Verlag by Hans-Albert Stechl (250 copies each). Since 2002 we have continued to produce the unlimited edition and have distributed about 5,200 copies so far – equipped with Ellen Poerschke's documentary photo. Since 2002 we have also been publishing this portrait as an A1 poster, of which about 2,000 signed copies have been sold until now.

Who buys this motif and why? Artists, curators, critics, art publishers and buyers, gallery owners, museum people and their visitors – Ulrichs sometimes seems to speak from their souls with his slogan. Since pin and poster are mainly sold through galleries and museum shops, we could only ask 515 registered buyers about their motifs. 157 have ticked eight answers (multiple answers) – here are the answers, ranked by frequency:The edition "I can't see any art anymore" was bought...
...because I appreciate Timm Ulrichs' insight (71)
...to open the eyes of friends/visitors (55)
...because Ulrichs personifies concept art (51)
...because Ulrichs' work is still affordable (31)
...to follow Ulrichs' views and insights (29)
...because I trust Timm Ulrichs blindly (23)
...to touch Timm Ulrich's art (20)
...because there is too much / too few art (18 / 20)

85 survey participants also formulated their reasons individually. A representative statement (by art teacher Ulrich Papenfuß from Wuppertal): "Because I consider Timm Ulrichs to be one of the most important artists of the 20th century!“


Buyer survey as catalogue contribution to the exhibition "Timm Ulrichs: 100 Days – 100 Works" at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, 3rd of March (opening) – 6/14/2020