Uwe Bremer Ateliertür 2022 pf

Uwe Bremer

* 1940 Erfurt-Bischleben (DE)

Born in Erfurt-Bischleben in 1940, he moved to Berlin in 1949 and moved to Hamburg in 1952, where he studied graphic design at the Alsterdamm Art School by day and played the Dixieland trumpet on the Reeperbahn by night. In 1960, Uwe Bremer went to Sweden as a lumberjack, where he devoted himself to woodcutting after work. In 1963, Bremer founded the "Werkstatt Rixdorfer Drucke" with the graphic artists Schindehütte, Vennekamp and Waldschmidt in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where he etched his first artist's book "Auf der Suche nach Dracula" (1964). This was followed by collaborations with H. C. Artmann ("dracula dracula", 1966) and other Austrian authors who were in West Berlin in the '60s (such as Bauer, Bisinger, Gerstl, Jandl, Mayröcker, Rühm, Schürrer, Weibel). In 1971 Bremer moved with his wife Ingrid, son Jan Peter and the Werkstatt to Gümse Castle in the Wendland, where from now on the meetings of the Rixdorfers took place. Among the poets with whom Bremer develops manifestos, calendars and artists' books are Sarah Kirsch, Kolbe, Pastior and Rühmkorf. Uwe Bremer developed himself into an author of gothic novels and essays – ennobled as an "etching poet" by Artmann on NDR television in 1969. He has lived and worked in Berlin again since 2016.