Coco Kühn

* 1971 Berlin, Germany

After attending the Drawing Academy of Hanau and the Academy of Art and Design Halle (1996), Coco Kühn becomes a sculptor and object artist, the scion of an artistic dynasty of metal sculptors. She formulates her comments on current events in a pictorial language using minimalist series of everyday objects – as in her “Newspaper Towers” of September 11, 2001. The “Money Box” edition is published in 2002 to mark the introduction of the euro notes and coins – an extract from her room installations in Berlin galleries using hundreds of empty drink cans. In 2005, she initiates the "White Cube" exhibition in the Palast der Republik – the last event before demolition. In 2008, she and Konstanze Kleiner, the cultural curator, found the Temporäre Kunsthalle at the Schloßplatz in Berlin, running it until its (planned) closure in 2010.