Portrait: Angelika Platen 1969

C. O. Paeffgen

* 1933 † 2019 Köln, Germany

Studied Law (1959 Erstes juristisches Staatsexamen [first degree in law]); workshop in Berlin 1965 to 1967. Numerous museum, art gallery and gallery exhibitions since 1965. 1999 retrospective at the Museum Ludwig Köln [Ludwig Museum in Cologne]. C.O. Paeffgen is well-known for his “Umrandungen” [framings]: ironic commentaries on photos and newspaper clippings; “Umwicklungen” [wrappings)] of found and symbolic objects (wall and floor sculptures); recurring motives: heart/arrow, mouse, bow, moon, question marks. Groups of paintings in the 90s include acrylic on fruit boxes (“Objekte in Farbe” [objects in color]) and acrylic on canvas (e.g. “Bilder mit Titeln” [titled pictures]). Numerous multiples in the form of unique objects in limited series.