Photo: Peter Fabian, 2017

Bazon Brock

* 1936 Stolp, Pommern, today Poland

Study of German literature, philosophy, art history and political science in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Zurich; 1964 Doctor of Philosophy. Since 1959 happenings with Hundertwasser, Kaprow, Beuys, Vostell, Paik, Merz and "action teachings" in Europe, Japan and the USA. 1960/61 dramaturge at the Stadttheater Lucerne and at the Darmstadt theater. From 1968 Visitors schools for Documenta exhibitions in Kassel. 1971–1977 co-developer of the International Design Center in Berlin, 1998–2000 presidend of the Malkasten in Dusseldorf, Founder of Culture and Strategy Association. 1965–2005 Professor for Aesthetics and Design Theory in Hamburg, Vienna and Wuppertal. Extensive list of publications. 1997–2008 moderator for the 3sat TV talkshow of art critics "Bilderstreit".