Great Luck!

Theresa Ißleib has made it...

...with her father Ernst Helmut and team to develop the prototype of Timm Ulrichs' "Dice of Fortune" with a side length of 30 cm in 47 working hours and to build it perfectly. Theresa runs the Tischelerei Ißleib, founded in 1950 by her grandfather in Berlin-Tiergarten, together with her brother Imanuel in the third generation. 
In 1965, Timm Ulrichs invented the little brother of the 6 kg six-dice cube as an object of Concrete Poetry and realized it as a unique piece in the size of a game cube. In 2002, his “Glückswürfel” was published as an open edition in article editions and has been sold 15,058 times in museum shops for 6.66 Euro until today (July 2019). The large cube object is now in production (in summer 2019), limited to six handmade copies for art collectors.

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