2018 Report

Newly published / adopted

Portrait photo edition: Visits to Roger Fritz in Munich, whose photographic testimony spans over 60 years. Selection and production of 25 of his best portraits – Beatles 1965, Romy Schneider and Ursula Andress 1962/63, Warhol and Beuys of the 80s, Fassbinder, Baltsa, Henze etc. all 22.4 x 15 cm in passe-partout 30 x 40 cm, limited to 50 copies, numbered and signed (soon on this website)

Kokrete Poesie: After Timm Ulrichs' and Richard Tipping's visual poetic motifs on beer coasters in 2017, the series of editions continues with the founders of this literary genre: Eugen Gomringer and Gerhard Rühm. Between the years I'am going to visit Friedrich Achleitner in Vienna, who dedicated motifs to these two colleagues and friends in his "Quadratroman" (1973) – with these the series is complete (January/February 2019).

Timm Ulrichs (1): "THE END" ( so far a popular nodding card), lenticular picture in a large-format collector's edition: approx. 50 x 70 cm, framed, limited to 24 copies.

Timm Ulrichs (2): Production of "ICH BIN IM BILDE", the screenprint motif on mirror foil from 1977, on 60 x 60 cm mirror glass, limited to 24 copies (production in January 2019)

Timm Ulrichs (3): Preparation of a series of postcards with the motifs "Europe on the bull", "AHA-Erlebnis-Stuhl", the Chocolate Crucifix, his "Zimmer-Galerie" and others (coming soon)

Timm Ulrichs – Takeovers: 
– Two Black Sheep, the annual gift 2017 from Kunstraum München e.V. (edition 12)
– The First Seated Chair" from 1970, continuation of production and distribution from 165/250 onwards
– 1984", the "Spy Book" from 1971/75, now in a linen box (limited edition 100)
– Variator", mosaic game, edited by August Haseke, Hanover 1968/75, copies from 68/200
– "Visual Construction", silkscreen 60,8 x 60,9 cm on cardboard, 2nd edition 1968
– The 4 Seasons", 1967/71, silkscreen on metal, 120 x 120 cm, edition 100
– “Pausenzeichen“ (“Interval Signal“), record edition with Johann Zambryski, at Koc, Hannover 2018, edition 500

Also taken over by the publisher's estate August Haseke:
Siegfried Neuenhausen, "Busenfrauen", screen print 1968, 74 x 60 cm, copies 1-69/90 (soon on this website)

Ottmar Hörl - Takeovers:
– "The Last Shirt" (men's embroidered shirt), 2013, limit. 100 copies
– “The Last Work Of Art / The Penultimate Work Of Art" (Videos on DVD), 2013, limit. 35 copies each (soon on this website)

Bestseller (cumulated): 
– "UNSCHULD" soaps by Ottmar Hörl: 57,821 pieces
– "Dice of Fortune" by Timm Ulrichs: 14,872 pieces
– "I can't see art anymore!" by Timm Ulrichs: 1,913 posters / 5,095 pins

PF, Dec. 2018