Photo: Tilman Lothspeich

Reinhard Doubrawa

* 1963 Treysa, Germany

Reinhard Doubrawa studied at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, was a star pupil of Urs Lüthi (Diploma 1995) and was awarded, inter alia, residencies at the Centro de Producción de Artes Visuales y Multimedia, Barcelona (ES) and the Center de Sculpture, Montolieu (F). Since 1999 guest professorships at universities in Kassel, Bochum, Aachen, Ghent and Eindhoven. Doubrawa lives and works in Cologne, in his birthplace of Treysa (Hessen) “and everywhere”. As a conceptual and object artist he uses marks, drawings and objects in translucent materials (such as Japanese paper, wax, glass, textiles) to transpose real things into dematerialised placeholders. In his works the concentration on "essentials", the sensitive focus and emphatic interaction, which give the things a more subtle view and awareness, in some topoi also provide a critical distance. The focus on the everyday environment also applies to portraits of unknown persons – unknown to the artist himself, too.